STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Mauriello

Hey there Fashionista/o’s! I’m Olivia Mauriello, mostly known as Liv, and I’m thrilled to be apart of the Style Guru team this semester! This being my first semester as a Guru, it’s coincidentally my first semester as a college student as well! I am currently a freshman studying advertising and marketing communications at my dream school, the Fashion Institute of Technology. My hopes are high that I land a position later in my life working in the fashion or media industry, but everyone has to start somewhere!

Before moving to New York City last week, I had lived in a small farm town in southern New Jersey. Being so close to the world famous beaches, my style at home had been widely influenced by the relaxed, colorful, and comfy trends of the beach and surf brands. After being in New York City for such a short time, I have already begun to notice how my style is slowly transforming into the edgy, dark, and bold trends of the city. As you can see, today I decided to go with my “new” look. A leather hat, a black belt, and a Casio watch were certainly never staple accessories in my wardrobe. By broadening my horizons and with current trends being focused on thrift store finds and vintage wear, I decided to take a trip to the consignment shop Buffalo Exchange, where I purchased my t-shirt. I then took it upon myself to add my own touch to the classic find by easily cutting the chest into a plunging v-neck and adding distress holes. Along with my new obsession of DIY-ing my own shirts, came layering. I recently added to my growing collection of bralettes with this black one that I’m wearing from LF. Not only are bralettes super stylish, but they’re super comfortable and easy to wear to add that certain edge to any outfit!

Unfortunately, moving to the city also meant kicking my Rainbow flip flops to the side. Since walking everywhere is basically my form of exercise (just kidding), I decided that sneakers would be my new go-to for every look. My black and white Sk8-Hi Slim Vans have been perfect for roaming the city and keeping me comfy at the same time. One thing the city has taught me in such a short period of time is that being comfortable can be super stylish!

I cannot wait to see what this next semester as a Style Guru has in store for me and I cannot wait to start meeting all of the new Guru’s online!