STYLE GURU BIO: Nneoma Ajiwe

Hey y’all! My name is Nneoma Ajiwe and I’m a senior public relations major at The University of Texas at Austin and this is my final year as a Style Guru (cries internally). My time spent with CollegeFashionista served as a great creative outlet and pushed me to the direction of what I actually think I might want to do with my life career wise. With this internship, I realized how in love I am with fashion and the feedback from family and friends gave me the confidence to actually want to pursue a career in it, so shoutout to you CollegeFashionista!

I’m just grateful of the community that CollegeFashionista fosters. Not to mention the snazzy title of “Style Guru” makes people think I actually know what I’m doing. What I love most about fashion is that each person has their own style or a spin-off of somebody elses’. I love how imperfect fashion is. You can create your own style from the ground up.

My style is a mixture of whats clean in my closet right now and what would Beyoncé wear. In this long sleeve gray midi dress I was channeling my inner Kardashian. Sleek, simple and, of course, fitted. Since I wanted a tad bit more glam, I threw on an ankle length fur duster and chunky black heels because what would Beyoncé do? Most of my style inspiration comes from what I’m watching on tv or reading in the fashion magazines.

As my internship comes to a close at the end of this semester, I encourage you to stay inspired! If you want to bring something back in style, do it! Don’t ever let the confides of what you’re “supposed” to dress like stop your from doing your own thing. I make sure I follow that rule daily when I open up my closet. My job is to capture different styles on campus. What a pity it’d be if we all dressed the same.