STYLE GURU BIO: Nina Dela Cruz

Hello, lovely Fashionistas! I’m Nina, a 20-year-old full-time college student and professional Netflix watcher. I was born and raised in suburban Illinois, but am currently living in downtown Chicago. My primary interests include travel, food (more eating than cooking), makeup, visual art and (of course) fashion.

My love for fashion began at a young age. It was in elementary school where I decided I wanted to become a fashion designer (and, of course, a part-time dolphin trainer and a princess) when I grew older. Despite stubbornly pursuing Management Economics and Communications as my initial fields of study in college, I managed to compromise with the little girl inside me by shifting to a major in Fashion Business with a minor in Journalism.

As a student, I usually try to prioritize comfort in what I wear. You’ll usually see me wearing simple silhouettes and neutral colors. I often shop in the menswear department because I prefer to wear loose fitting clothing. However, I try to mix different textures to add dimension to my ensembles. I also tend to gravitate towards gold jewelry and heavy hardware to elevate an outfit.

This outfit features a maroon oversized Topshop sweater, a pair of black leather UNISA over-the-knee boots, a black wool H&M hat and a black leather Chanel square mini flap bag.

Working with CollegeFashionista is such a privilege and is the perfect opportunity to incorporate two of my passions: writing and fashion. Keep a lookout for my articles because I’ll be posting throughout the semester. Stay #RAD!