STYLE GURU BIO: Nikki Erdmann

My name is Nikki Erdmann, and I am a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.This semester marks my third semester with CollegeFashionista. I started my internship with CollegeFashionista the spring of my sophomore year, and couldn’t be happier with my decision. I have learned so much from this internship whether it be how to approach complete strangers to get their picture without sounding like a creep, or simply how to take a well-executed photo (which I am still working on mastering). In retrospect looking at my first STYLE GURU BIO is odd since my style has evolved since then. Now I’m more inclined to take risks like wearing knee-high boots and stilettos which if you asked me a few years ago you would have encountered a questioning look. I am constantly scouring the internet looking for fashion inspiration, I love looking on undoubtedly my favorite social media platform, Instagram. In all unfiltered honesty I can spend hours on Instagram looking at how people can style clothes in different ways. Fashion seizes to amaze me, it baffles me how one person can look at a piece in a completely different way than someone else.

Lately I have been concentrated on making statements with color and pattern. I love this jacket since it has a classic moto style, but the yellow-green makes it a statement piece. This scarf I actually got at the market at Chicago’s Lollapoolza music festival last summer, and has become one of my favorite pieces in my closet. It’s a testament to one of the new ideas of thought I have come to that staple pieces don’t always have to be expensive, a sentiment I had always thought to be true. The scarf also is a forever memento of Lollapoolza that is wearable. I love my American Apparel easy jeans in a light wash because they are reminiscent of ’60s fashion, which I have recently been exploring. To ground the look I finally paired black riding boots a staple that should reside in every Fashionista’s closet no questions asked. Lastly the ever chic black turtleneck sweater that has surged in popularity with the ’90s fashion moment that is currently happening.

I am excited to continue to explore new fashion avenues and go out of my comfort zone. Without a doubt this is going to be my most fashionable semester, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have CollegeFashionista join me on this journey.