STYLE GURU BIO: Nicole Guarasci

GUESS WHO’S BACK! Hello again to all my Fashionistas! I’m Nicole and I’m back for a second semester as a Style Guru. In case you forgot, I’m a junior at the University of Delaware studying mass communications. And yes, I’m still wishing that I was a famous fashion blogger so that is why I love writing for CollegeFashionista so much.

Now I’m just going to give you a little rundown on me since I know you all want to know more. I am thinking about food 99 percent of the time because I love to eat a little too much. I’m from Long Island and we have the best beaches and pizza, my two favorite things in the world. As you can expect, you can find me online shopping at all times. I put a million things in my cart and never buy anything since I’m always broke. If you want to donate some money into my shopping fund, I won’t complain!

I’m also obsessed with the holiday season. I love everything about Christmas: the cookies, the lights, the movies and most importantly and the reason we are all here, the cozy winter outfits. I love winter fashion because it is so easy to look cute but still be comfortable under that oversized sweater, plus hats always hide my greasy hair. The holidays are the best time to wear a striped sweater (I did just reference SpongeBob, judge me) so I put on this cowl-neck sweater to stand out from all the turtlenecks this season. I paired it with some simple black skinny jeans because you can never go wrong with those. Black booties are my fashion staple this season and they brought this whole look together. The outfit needed some color so I added a blue beanie which ended up hiding my bad hair day (that you did not need to see) and kept me warm walking around! To sum it up: I love being cozy and this outfit was perfect for that.

Thanks for reading! I hope I didn’t scare you away because I’ll be giving you even better outfits from the UD campus for the next semester, so you better stay tuned!