Style Guru Bio: Miranda Murillo

September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am
Style Guru Bio: Miranda Murillo

Hey there Fashionistas/os!

I am so thrilled to be back on board with CollegeFashionista for the fall 2016 semester! My excitement comes from the fact that fall and winter are absolutely my favorite seasons for fashionable outfits. There’s no better time of the year for being a Style Guru and observing the trends and styles showcased by other students! I’m glad to be back on campus at NYU (I spent my summer semester interning in Miami, Florida). I would typically describe my personal style as modern but practical. I don’t really have a signature look because I love to change up my outfits pretty often. Although I like to think of myself as the perfect mix between New York City and Miami, my style depends on which city I’m living in at the time and can sometimes be totally NYC or totally MIA.

Although it’s still pretty warm in New York City right now, a gradual transition to fall is definitely happening. City goers are wearing darker outfits and even donning their jackets sometimes. My favorite color for this semester is probably gray. It’s just so versatile! It’s dark and muted enough to be appropriate for an interview or internship, but still easy to pair with bright or light colors for those last few warm summer days. What’s more, a few wardrobe staples in gray, like a bodysuit or a pair of gray jeans, are perfect for seamlessly carrying your style from summer to fall to winter throughout the upcoming months.

In this outfit, I am still on the tail-end of summer, which is most clearly showcased in my wrap mini dress. However, this dress can easily work for colder temperatures by throwing on a leather jacket and boots, or layering it with a turtleneck and a pair of tights. My favorite part of this look is the ascot/bandana. I have been obsessed with this chic French girl trend for ages now and decided to try it for my StyleGuru bio. It adds a colorful touch while still maintaining the lightness and airiness seen in the flowy hemline and sleeves of the dress.

I’m so excited to share the fresh trends and amazing outfits I see on the students of NYU every day! Cheers to a #RAD semester!