STYLE GURU BIO: Melina Ferraro

Hey, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Melina and I’m currently a sophomore at Moraine Valley Community College in the suburbs right outside of the city of Chicago. This will be my second semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! This past summer was filled with a ton of great style and warm weather, but I am eager to see and work with all of the looks and trends that come along with the cool weather!

My love for the art of style began when I was little and developed as I grew up. I seriously became interested in junior high when I began getting Teen Vogue subscriptions in the mail. I loved tearing out looks that caught my eye. I would then put the torn out looks in a folder, which I still have today. Magazines have always inspired me and shaped my style. The looks the models wore had no boundaries and it made the little Catholic schoolgirl in my knee-length skirt and polo crave the adventure that these looks entailed. On the weekends, I would pick pieces from the looks I had seen and make them my own. Now, being in college and not having to wear a uniform, my style has evolved and I am having a lot of fun being able to be creative everyday when I pick out what I want to wear.

I love where I am at in my style. I adore my lululemon leggings just as much as my lace Akira kimono. The best thing about style is that you can make it your own. I chose this look to start off the semester because it is a look I am comfortable in. In order to look good, you have to feel good. Dark wash jeans are a must in my wardrobe and are my go-to! Since the days are getting cooler, I layered this lightweight knit wrap sweater over my embroidered tank top. I finished my look with a dainty beaded necklace, my classic gold rings and my gold and snakeskin sandals to amp up this casual look!

I am eager to flourish as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru this fall and witness all of the RAD looks all of you Fashionista and Fashionistos have to offer!