STYLE GURU BIO: Maxwell Thompson

January 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Maxwell Thompson and I’m a freshman at Indiana University this year. This is my first semester writing as a Style Guru, and I’m thrilled. I am currently looking to pursue a double major in finance and accounting. With my given majors, it may not be entirely clear where my passion and interest in fashion comes from.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always cared about what I was wearing, and how I presented myself in public. What you have on is the first impression you give before you say or do anything else, so why not give a good one? That was something that I always heard from my father, and from that, my interest in clothing and fashion continued to grow year by year.

I can really attribute a lot of my passion for clothing and style to my father, the only man I know that can rock a pair of orange pants and Gucci loafers and still look manlier than I do. He and I took a trip to New York when I was younger, and it opened my eyes to the vast world of clothing and fashion, the world that I would soon come to love. A world I would come to spend a lot of my free time learning about, constantly looking for my own personal style.

Fashion to me is another art form; it’s a way for people to express who and what they are. Fashion, style, and the clothes you wear speak such a high volume about the person who has them on, and that has always fascinated me. Your clothes tell your own personal story, and there are a lot of interesting stories out there waiting to be told.

At the core I’d say my personal style is very classic and very minimalistic. I like to incorporate very classic elements of fashion, with minimalistic colors and add a bit of my own modern twist on it. I love good jeans, am a big advocate of H&M and UNIQLO, a sucker for a good watch and know a good pair of shoes is a necessity. I’m constantly trying to find the balance between looking like I’m in need of a home, hot meal, and a shower, and looking incredibly cleaned up, something I like to call the “homeless casual” look.

Fashion is everywhere; sometimes you just need to take a minute to look around. I’ll be documenting just a few of many unique elements of style I see every day, in and around the campus at Indiana University Bloomington. Check back in every Thursday to check a few of them out. Hopefully you can find a few things to add to your own personal wardrobe, and maybe even find a few ways to incorporate my soon to be trademarked “homeless casual” look.