STYLE GURU BIO: Mary Kate Flock

My name is Mary Kate Flock and I am an incoming sophomore at Fordham University. I recently transferred from Fordham Lincoln Center located in Manhattan’s Upper West Side to Fordham Rose Hill located in the Bronx. I am majoring in marketing with a concentration in fashion studies and I am incredibly excited to begin sharing all of the best looks from New York’s Fashionistas/os with you!

I love the rush hour traffic in the city and I enjoy watching people dressed in all different styles pass by. In New York, everyone can blend in as well as stand out—it all depends on who’s looking. You can be whoever you want to be and try something new every single day if that’s what your heart desires. Whether it be walking around Central Park on a sunny day, touring the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the East Side or attending a sporting event on campus, I always strive to dress for the occasion because I don’t want to blend in, I want to be noticed for all of the right reasons.

My style is more diverse than the weather patterns that have been occurring the past couple of months in the city. My outfits show my personal taste in addition to showing what sort of mood I am in on any given day. If I had to give one specific word to describe my style I would not know what to say, I am an indecisive person as it is and my choice of outfit is just one example of that. With that said, it is rare to see me dressed incredibly preppy unless the occasion calls for it, but I do try to sport various types of styles.

I’m a big fan of music, long walks on Fifth Avenue and dollar pizza. I am usually seen sporting my Calvin Klein heels, ripped jeans, a bulk bag and a leather jacket with a coffee in hand and a smile on my face. Living in New York has exposed me to various styles and trends that I did not see everyday in my small New Jersey hometown. It has allowed me to be daring and bold in my outfit choices in addition to always giving me an excuse to wear my heels (which is a big deal because I am already 5-foot-10). My outfit choices say a lot about my personality as well as my spirit, do your outfit choices do the same?