STYLE GURU BIO: Mariah Hicks

My style is not who I am, but it is where I have been and where I am going. Growing up in rural, southern Indiana, my dream has always been to see the world, and in my short 20 years, I have seen most of Europe and some surroundings countries. While others bring home knickknacks, I bring home clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. By traveling, I am able to see new styles coming in and out of different locations and experience how culture affects the dress of a group of people. I love to watch trends develop and move across the world as they come to different locations.

Overall, my wardrobe is simple and comfortable. I love to be able to look well put together in something slouchy and easy to move in. Earthy tones take up most of my closet along with black and cream. I typically buy pieces that can be used with multiple styles and outfits and am always looking for one item that “pops” with any outfit I am wearing.

Today, I am wearing a handmade, cotton maxi dress from Italy with handmade, leather sandals from Greece. I am styling these pieces with an Alex and Ani sweet pea bangle, a leather wrap around bracelet from a flea market and handmade leather cross-body from Greece. This look is comfortable and simple. Perfect for a hot, summer day!

To me, my closet is more of a collection than a wardrobe. With each piece, I hold a memory and something special from what I have experienced. My closet is not just clothing to me, but it is something that reminds of a clear day in the Mediterranean Sea or an old shop in an alley way in Greece. My closet is something to remember, to cherish and to continue to move forward. As my closet grows, I grow, and I cannot wait to see where it takes me next.