STYLE GURU BIO: Mandi Jackson

Hey lovely Fashionista/os,

My name is Mandi Jackson; this will be my second semester interning for CollegeFashionista and my senior year of studying Marketing! I currently live in Knoxville, Tennessee but you can usually find me traveling between Brooklyn and here! I’m excited to share with you readers a bit about myself and my personal style. Like some, I’m usually the one getting weird looks from strangers who don’t really understand the thought that goes behind every outfit. It’s a little different from what the South is used to – a little too edgy, a little too funky. I was blessed with parents who saw how important traveling was, so I think that in itself is what has been so inspiring to me. My style is influenced by the trends of past decades, Janis Joplin being one, and my inner biker babe.

Layering is my absolute favorite method of styling an outfit, so I’m super stoked to dive into the Fall season to see how other ladies apply layering so effortlessly into their look. I tend to lean towards an edgy vibe with a ton of texture as you can see in this article! Here I am wearing my exceedingly loved pair of Lucky Brand bell flare jeans, a deep plunge halter bodysuit, vintage Fossil belt, a choker from Free People, and my hat was actually a gas station find from a road trip to Chicago.

CollegeFashionista has really taught me how to step out of my comfort zone a bit more, push the boundaries while piecing an outfit together, and find that comfort really is key. So stick around, browse thru all the Style Guru articles and find your place in this world of fashion. XOXO