STYLE GURU BIO: Maggy Tirado

January 16th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Maggy Tirado

Hey Fashionistas! My name is Maggy and I’m a sophomore studying fashion merchandise at Miami Dade College. This is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista and I can hardly contain my excitement. Being born and raised in Miami, I’ve been surrounded by the arts and a thriving cultural environment. The vibrant community that is Miami has immensely contributed to my fashion sense by providing inspirational places and people that have shaped my lifestyle.

Fashion is more than a mere imitation of the latest trends; it’s an ongoing time capsule and an outlet for self-expression. Ultimately, using personal style as a way to portray an individual’s identity and using clothing to showcase the unique inspiration someone has had in their lifetime. This being said I believe fashion should have no limits. My best looks come together when I try to portray the vibe I’m currently in. My sense of fashion has a vast range, from grungy to boho, that compliment my ever changing personal expression.

For this look I was feeling venturesome so I paired this rose applique detailed black mesh bodysuit with a black lace bralette, a vintage frayed light denim skirt, black faux leather booties, a black lace choker to tie in the lace details, and light gold hoop earrings to complete the look. I decided on the light wash denim skirt to keep the outfit casual but added the black lace detailing and leather booties to give that essential edge. Overall this bold look perfectly showcases my audacious side.

Hope you Fashionistas enjoyed this look as much as I did! If you wanna stay updated with my latest post make sure to follow my social media!