September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey, Fashionistas/os! As this is my second Style Guru Bio, I thought I’d start off with the basics. My name is Maggie West, and I’m starting my second year at Marist College. I’m a fashion merchandising major, who has recently discovered a true passion for sharing the latest trends and styles through blogging. If you’ve ever come across any of my previous articles, you would know that I appreciate comfort, enjoy simplicity and have a love for all things pink!

Throughout my life, there are two things that I have truly been passionate about: fashion and music. From an early age, my dad introduced me to artists such as Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac. To this day, I still find myself singing along to all of these classics. I have taken inspiration from their music and have found this influence showing itself in my closet.

In fact, I recently designed an entire line of clothes based off of the music of Fleetwood Mac. I found particular inspiration in their album, Rumors, because of its raw emotion. This is where my love of sheer fabrics and bohemian styles stems from.

Clearly, I am a true believer that style inspiration is found everyday and everywhere. For me, it’s found in music, but for another Fashionista/o, it could be anywhere. If I could give anyone advice, it would be to explore your interests – you never know where they may lead you.

I’m so excited to spend another semester as a Style Guru. I can’t wait to share all my fashion inspirations with you this season!