STYLE GURU BIO: Madison McClure

Welcome. First and foremost, I’d like to start out by saying that I am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone by becoming a blogger. When I picture a blogger with a quirky relatable online presence I by no means see myself, but I’m going to channel my inner Lena Dunham, find my writer’s voice and give this thing a go.

I am a rising sophomore at University of Pittsburgh, where I am studying both studio arts and marketing. Initially I was not sure where I wanted to go in life with this degree combo, but after studying abroad in Italy this summer (10/10 would recommend), I decided that my destination after college must be fashion. As I sipped away on cappuccinos, I came to the realization that fashion is livable art. It is the epitome of innovation, by combining business and art, my two passions. Beginning with a simple idea, portrayed through a scribble or a sketch, the designers then combine fabric and patterns and, like a mosaic, art is eventually formed. After having this epiphany, I realized there is no other option for me. I must be a part of the world’s most influential and beautiful art form—fashion.

My own fashion sense is definitely influenced by my art. My pieces are usually unconventional and are marked by domineering pop colors, which are balanced out by neutrals threaded throughout the work.  These same concepts are mimicked in a lot of my daily looks. I always add some unconventional unique twist to my outfits, and I typically embrace neutral colors, whiling working in some bolder hues.

While I tend to play with layers and color, my style changes based upon mood and season. In autumn and winter I tend to be a cozy romantic (think Anthropoligie knitted sweaters and ceramic mugs); whereas, in the summer and spring, I tend to be a breezy bohemian. This summer, however, I have found myself embracing all things Rachel Green by gravitating toward vintage pieces. Whether it be my moms old Calvin Kleins or some groovy thrift shop finds, vintage articles have been the staple of the majority of my summer looks. The pairing of old and new has developed into a harmonious contrast. One era creates the foundation of the look while the other complements it in the detailing. As shown in my look here:

Regardless of the day or my mood, I always dress with my own unconventional flare that doesn’t really have an exact label, its just a wee bit of madness.