STYLE GURU BIO: Madelyn Newton

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello friends! I’m a 20-year-old, fashion merchandising student who goes by Mads. This is the sixth time I have switched my major (oops), and since I’m only a sophomore, I guess we can say that I’m a little indecisive. My inability to make clear decisions appears through my style, meaning that I don’t have one! I wear whatever I like, no matter what it is. I feel that having one set “style” is like giving yourself a rulebook. Who needs more of those?

I wish I could say that there will be style regularity in the posts I upload, but, knowing myself, that will never the case. If you dig variety then I’m your gal! Seriously, I wear a lot of different things. It’s kinda weird actually.  I can promise that I’ll keep these posts entertaining, maybe even strange or odd. I will say that I do love vintage, grandma-esque attire, dark colors and hats of any kind! Some of my style muses include old photographs, adventure/travel blogs, really fictional books like Where the Wild Things Are, and Wes Anderson films. Musical artists are hugely inspirational to my wardrobe. First Aid Kit, alt-J, Grouplove and Wildcat! Wildcat! are just some of my favorite artists. Click on my profile to learn more neat facts about me!

I’m a CollegeFashionista virgin and I’m super excited for my first go-around as a Style Guru! I can’t wait to show off my fashionable peers’, colleagues’ and friends’ unique style!