STYLE GURU BIO: Mackenzie Schoenherr

Hi loves! My name is Mackenzie, and I am a sophomore at Ohio University. I’m majoring is journalism with a minor in fashion and a specialization in French. One day, I hope to write about the Parisian fashion circuit, and my biggest dream is to become the next Joan Rivers, may she rest in peace.

My style is simply what I feel most confident in. Of course, I follow trends because fashion is basically my life. But when I find a piece I love and that loves my body back, I rock it no matter what. Being five feet tall, I often run into problems with my love of clothing. Most styles are made for people about six inches taller than I am, so I usually have to get creative with my looks.

My go-to for winter classes is a classic. I start by finding a sleek pair of jeans that will fit my small yet curvy stature. One place that I have found works for tots like me is Express. My trick of the trade: go for either cropped or ankle jeans. The ones I have on are ankle, which hit at normal length on me, accentuating my curves but not making me swim in fabric.

I love my sweater. Ask any of my friends, sweater weather is my absolute favorite. The one I have on in these pictures is super cozy, with just enough sass added in with the lace-up deep V-neck. The color nicely accentuates my hair, and a cute little statement necklace adds an extra touch of femininity to my look.

My favorite piece of clothing is always shoes. I am actually obsessed with shoes. Being so little, I am able to wear heels and not stand out too much. I am in love with the ones I am wearing. The lace pattern on the toe makes them feel vintage, but the actual laces make them modern and edgy. It’s like Mary Jane went and cut her skirts to fit in with the times, and I am enamored with it.

Overall, my style is cute and classy with just a little edge thrown in. Can’t wait to walk the runway with you all this season.