STYLE GURU BIO: Macie Hatmaker

Hola Fashionistas, my name is Macie Hatmaker and I am a junior (wow, scary..) at the University of Tennessee in beautiful Knoxville. I am a Journalism and Electronic Media major and an English minor and am passionate about words and their ability to impact people in a variety of ways. I am also passionate about expression, and one of the most wonderful ways to express oneself is through fashion.

From the time I started to develop my own taste for clothing, I have been all over the place. My style is unique, and it ranges from preppy to boho to casual. No matter what trend I am adapting to fit in my own wardrobe, I am always searching for new ways to improve and tweak my style.

I think fashion is important, and it truly will never go out of style. Throughout the decades, fashion has become a central aspect of the culture surrounding us, and it continues to be a relevant aspect of our world today.

I love fashion and think it is crucial to the college environment because of how fast-paced and ever-changing the college scene is. College opens many doors to a wide variety of fashion possibilities, and I am excited to share with you and focus on these possibilities in the upcoming months with CollegeFashionista!

Be sure to check out my monthly articles! Let’s see where this oh so fashionable journey takes us.