STYLE GURU BIO: Lou Deville Kuenzlen

As a little girl, I never truly envisioned my future self pursuing a career in the fashion industry. Despite my keen eye for pretty places, striking colours, vibrant cultures and beautifully crafted garments, the thought of working in an industry that entailed all of those was (surprisingly) not one I commonly had. My young mind and cluttered thoughts told me only the rich and famous worked in this thrilling industry. Little did I know, the dedicated and aesthetic seeking individuals are the backbone and the very core of any truly successful fashion business.

Growing up with an overwhelmingly privileged lifestyle, I have been lucky enough to live in France, Morocco, the United States, Thailand, Indonesia and Canada by my current age of 19. This has affected my life in ways that I have not always been aware of, but that I now notice as I aim to find the path I want to fully devote myself to. It’s impossible to not realize just how lucky I am to have been given the wealth of knowledge I received simply from living alongside so many different groups of people. I was fully immersed, and yet with this immersion came the simultaneous feeling of being lost. I conclude that people watching in bustling cities is both overwhelming in how much colour, pattern and texture your mind wants to take in, and enchanting in just how authentic each and every person’s look is. Growing up, my idea of fashion was simply that a person adhered to a specific style depending on where they were. The past few years have allowed me to discover that I have the farthest thing from one unique style, and this therefore could not be further from the truth.

When it comes to my outfits, the same rule always applies. I buy items that I like, items that strike me as interesting and items that are not only trendy, but also practical and timeless. I am eclectic. I am an edgy girly girl, a cluttered minimalist and casually chic all at once. Sure, I vibe with striking, bold looks far more than the preppy, country club pastel looks you’d find at J.Crew or Tommy Hilfiger, but that doesn’t mean I don’t dip my toes in that area of fashion when I find a piece that resonates with me. Today I’m wearing an olive green jumpsuit from a local Vancouver boutique called XO Bella. As rompers and jumpsuits are my casually classy go-to outfits, check out this edgy strapless style with its own built in choker! Finally, these lace up suede ballerina flats from 2020AVE and my wrap choker from Irene’s Story gave my taco date outfit some spunk! For similar choker styles, check out this option from NASTY GAL. Happy browsing, and never forget my rule of thumb that lunchin’ in style is just as important, if not more important, as looking stylish for any other occasion.