STYLE GURU BIO: Lindsie Shood

Freshmen year of high school was a rough one for me (and probably everyone else). I struggled with finding who I was. It seemed that everyone surrounding me had something they loved doing, but I didn’t. Teachers had religiously been shoving ‘Get to Know You’ papers down my throat since before I could remember, and one question that I could never answer was, “What makes you, you?” I’d peruse through my mind, continually struggling to find the right answer to the question, but inevitably ending up leaving it blank. As the years progressed, I found a different passion unlike many others around me, fashion. Wearing clothes that no one had seen yet always exhilarated me. Shopping had been a hobby of mine since a young age, but now it raged into an even bigger addiction. I unearthed my love for finding new trends, piecing together outfits and trying something different than others.

For me, fashion isn’t about who has the fanciest clothes, or the new Kate Spade purse or even the prettiest dress. It is all about feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing and the designs that you are putting together. Everyone is into something different. Even though you might dislike a shirt, it might make another feel stunning.  Fashion, which has a different meaning for everyone, is essentially is all about you.

Going into my freshmen year at Kent State University majoring in fashion merchandising, I am extremely ecstatic to finally get a taste of the true fashion industry.  Being able to dive into something that I love so much excites me and makes me overjoyed for the future. Fashion is going to become an even more momentous part of my life compared to what it previously was. Being surrounded by people who share the same enthusiasm for clothes, shoes and how the industry works makes me eager to learn and grow.

The advanced information that I will be obtaining through school will be incorporated into many articles. I am thrilled to share new, unique and cute ways of dressing with the world.  Also, I love looking at other bloggers, YouTubers and just everyday people’s fashions. I can find inspiration within the littlest of things.

I can’t wait to release my articles with everyone this fall through CollegeFashionista!! I hope others can find new ideas they can implicate in their own daily lives through my writings. I am anxious to see where this semester will take me on my fashion journey!!