Another fall, another amazing semester with CollegeFashionista! This will be now my third semester as a Style Guru and I could not be more excited to be reporting new trends on campus!

Now that the weather is cooling down, or is supposed to, it is time to bust out all of those winter clothes we have had stored for months. Although I dislike cold weather, there is nothing I love more than winter clothes. From coats to boats to cozy sweaters, this fall is definitely going to be a good one.

Going through some of my older posts, a change I’ve implemented is that this time around, I am sticking with my style from the summer instead of taking a simpler approach to this season. One of the things I look forward to the most is being able to wear darker clothes and add just a pop of color. Just like this look, I love being able to wear from a simple black top and dark jeans and being able to add just a simple pop of color and a little bit of something unique.

Adding accent pieces is something I plan to continue to work on more during this season in order to add just a little something extra to each outfit. In this case, I decided to pair a simple outfit of cami and jeans with a fur vest and boots. Not only does this add a unique feature, but it’s perfect for the fall weather.

When it comes to my overall style, I definitely believe (even though I filter it at times) it’s still important to me to find little details that make it unique to my own likes. I can also say that my style is becoming more and more influenced by simpler things, from the places I see to the music I hear.

I can’t wait to show you all glimpses of these inspirations through my articles, and here’s to another fabulous semester!