Hello Fashionistas/os! As I begin third semester as a Style Guru and my fourth semester at Towson University, I am so eager to share new fashion trends with everyone coming from my campus! In addition to sharing trends, I am also excited to see how my personal style has changed over these short three semesters.

Throughout my semesters at college, I have started to notice changes in my wardrobe. I definitely lean more towards simple outfits nowadays with a few stand-out pieces, which I think are essential in every girl’s wardrobe. I know in my last Style Guru Bio, I discussed a lot about how my closet was all over the place, but as I am getting older and getting a handle on college life, I definitely have been able to narrow my tastes and pinpoint my style a bit better. I think the most important thing is to just have fun with your clothes and not worry too much about what other people are going to think of you.

For my outfit, I chose a simple white blouse and black pair of jeans, but adding the simple black choker made all the difference and took my outfit up a notch. An ensemble like this one is something I would typically wear for a dinner or going out. One of the most popular trends I have seen at school during these winter months is the thigh-high boots. I can clearly see why they are all the rag! Not only are they so chic, but they can be worn with literally any outfit or any pair of jeans. They really add the extra effect to the outfit and pull it all together. Although this look is made for warmer weather, it can be fitting to any season by simply adding a leather jacket.

I am so excited to see what CollegeFashionista has in store and to share my passion with you all! Keep in touch by following me on social media and have a RAD semester!