Hello Fashionistas! My name is Lauren and this will be my second semester with CollegeFashionista as well as my second year at Penn State University. Currently, I am majoring in journalism and minoring in political science. Just this past summer, I moved from New Jersey all the way to Chicago. Leaving my childhood home to an unknown area seemed scary at first, but I quickly learned to adjust. This summer taught me to be more open to change and keep an open mind to any opportunities that come your way. Being away from my hometown allowed me to try new things and go on more adventures in the unknown.

Towards the end of the summer, I traveled to Arizona where I got to see the vast Grand Canyon and hike the vibrant Red Rock National Park in Sedona. After traveling across the country to a place I have never ventured through, I came to a realization that by daring to take more adventurous risks is more worth it than always playing it safe. This new found lesson has even contributed to my fashion choices; I am more confident in choosing to wear more fashionably risky outfits.

When it comes to my kind of style, I admit I don’t have a specific one. The closest explanation to describe my style is articles of clothing that is effortlessly comfortable yet can make a grand statement. I always have a keen eye on unique clothes that quickly catch the eye, such as the gold lace up sandals I am wearing in the pictures.

My newest trend obsessions are bodysuits and ripped Bermuda jean shorts. Bodysuits create a sleek look to any outfit. Wearing bodysuits instead of crop tops can also ensure that your shirt will not ride up throughout the day. In the pictures above, I am wearing a sand beige colored bodysuit and ripped light washed Bermuda shorts.

For a while, I was unsure of whether or not I liked the ripped Bermuda jean shorts trend, but after several tries in the H&M fitting room, I decided to take the risk and buy a pair.

Whenever I am unsure of wearing a risky article of clothing out, I always tell myself to “make it work” in the voice of Tim Gunn from the show Project Runway. What I have noticed throughout the years is that life is too short to always play your outfits safe.

If you like something that you have never seen anyone else wear, that should further motivate you to wear it and rock it. As long as you are comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, it does not matter what anyone else thinks.

I am super excited to share the beauty and diversity of my fellow peers this semester. The bigger the statement, the better!