Style Guru Bio: Laura Harting

September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am
Style Guru Bio: Laura Harting

Hi everyone, my name is Laura Harting and I just began my senior year at Urbana University in Ohio. I am dual majoring in Marketing and General Management. I am also a member of the women’s DII swim team at my university. I’m hoping to bring some stylish inspiration to my little campus in Central Ohio, because little schools rock!

It’s safe to say I’m a style “newbie.” In fact, I had never even plucked my eyebrows or owned a single pair of my ever coveted converse until I went away to college. I grew up in a small town, where as long as it was warm enough, we didn’t wear shoes anywhere but school and the grocery store, and cut-off denim shorts and ratty T-shirts were everyday attire to run around the neighborhood with our childhood best friends. Even into my teenage years, it was odd to catch me without my hair in a ponytail and a pair of plastic flip flops on my feet. It wasn’t until I entered college that I met some stylish friends, who eventually became my roommates, who sparked my interest in all things fashion and make-up. I spent most of freshmen and sophomore year borrowing their clothes. Let’s just say I’ve moved up in the world since then and I no longer have to run around borrowing things from my roommates (at least not quite as often). My closet actually might rival their closets now.

You could still consider my personal style very sporty and comfortable, but in a bit more sophisticated way. I am a huge fan of worn out converse, t-shirt dresses, big sunglasses and I will never turn down a great pair of jeans. Being an athlete, I can pretty much be sold on any versatile piece that is quick and comfortable to be thrown on after morning practices so I look like I didn’t just hop out of a pool. Unfortunately the smell of chlorine is not as easy to hide. A girl can dream though, am I right?

Anyways, that’s more than enough about me. I am VERY excited to start my journey with College Fashionista as a Style Guru, I can’t wait to bring a little fashion and flare to my little campus! I hope you’ll stop by and read more of my rambling in the future!