STYLE GURU BIO: Kyana Clemons

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Welcome to my page! I’m Yana—Lover of all things Fashion and PR related, as well as food and long trips to the mall. I currently call VCU home after a brief time at ODU and getting my Associates Degree from Tidewater Community College. I can definitely say that changing schools was the best move for me. The number one thing I’ve learned from VCU is that what’s meant for you always will be. Any troubles you have in life are only preparing you to be the best version of yourself, so pay attention and don’t panic. Life is all about timing.

I like to consider myself selfish with food, new clothes and my family. I love them all way too much! I’m an unapologetic brat and honesty is my best quality. Going out is fun (especially when you have a new outfit) but nothing beats a night in with Netflix and a great bottle of wine. Red is currently my favorite (thanks, Olivia Pope!). The thing I love most about fashion is how you can be fashionable and frugal—it’s all about confidence. Confidence is always your best quality. The best advice I’ve ever gotten is “Life is short and clothes go quick, so grab it when you can” because nothing haunts us more than the things we didn’t buy.

Before I fell for fashion, I was in love with makeup. I adore a beat face and MAC still holds the key to my heart. I believe you should always be dedicated to being a better you every day; nothing is too small. Seriously, if I clean my room for the day, I’m amazing but above all, I’m super excited to be a Style Guru!