STYLE GURU BIO: Krystal Peguero

STYLE GURU BIO: Krystal Peguero

Hello everyone! I am excited to start off the fall season into my senior year of college as a second semester Style Guru! I am returning this semester because I love being a part of the CollegeFashionista team! I get to do what I love with a community that I can relate to and get inspired by. As a journalist, I love to write articles and as a Fashionista, I love to capture street style. CollegeFashionista allows me to do exactly what I enjoy doing already. Fashion journalism is the career path that I see myself being part of, and CollegeFashionista is helping me strengthen my skills and having me branch out of my comfort zone.

Some celebrities that inspire my taste in fashion are Kourtney Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Val Mercado. I can spend hours online looking at their style, trying to recreate outfits and searching for the cheaper alternatives. Dressing and being very glam has always been something that I am known for. As far back as elementary school goes, I always been the girl with chunky heels and a purse in hand strutting the halls as if it were a runway. Dressing up is something that I love to do; I can express myself and I feel the most confident in doing so.

My outfit is full of this past season’s trends.  I applied the jean-on-jean look with a lace-up top and thigh-high knee boots. I am loving the destructive look that adds a rockstar edge to any outfit. Distressed denim jackets are a must-have for a rocker chic vibe for the new school year. Customize your old denim jacket to recreate the destructive look and make it your own. Lace-up tops can be found almost anywhere, but you can find one here. The ever-so-popular thigh-high boots can be found here.

Stay tuned for more articles regarding fashion and street style.  If you like my style, you’ll love this semester’s upcoming articles by yours truly!  Stay #RAD.