STYLE GURU BIO: Kristine Lamiell

Hello fashion lovers! My name is Kristine Lamiell and I am excited to start my journey as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! I am in my final semester at the Fashion School at Kent State University. I am studying Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Marketing. I love my major and could not imagine doing anything else with my life.

I went to a private school when I was younger, which meant I always had to wear a uniform. Then I transferred to a different school where I was able to wear what I wanted. I loved that I did not match anyone else and felt like I could be my own person. Being able to pick out my own outfit for school is what triggered my interest in fashion. As I got older I started to read fashion magazines and watched TV shows where the characters have amazing style and also reality shows about the fashion industry. Everything about fashion I love and when I found out I could have a career in the world of fashion; I knew that I had to achieve it.

My closet consists of a lot of neutral colors, stripes, loose fitting tops, sweaters, scarves and skinny jeans. I tend to buy more basic pieces because I love to pair trendy accessories and bold jewelry with a simple outfit. For outfit ideas and beauty tricks, I look to Lauren Conrad. I love everything about LC, from her clothes to her hair and especially her career.

It is definitely a bittersweet feeling being in my final semester of college. I am excited and nervous to see where life will take me after graduation. As for right now though I am looking forward to this semester and I am excited to share my posts of all the Fashionistas and Fashionistos at Kent State’s campus!