January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hi, Fashionistas/os! I’m KoL, an ambitious and happy girl from Seattle who moved to Manhattan a couple of months ago for college. I am a marketing major at Seton Hall University and love seeing business at work in the fashion industry. I can’t wait to start writing for CollegeFashionista and share the looks I find people owning around campus.

For my own personal style, I love populating my closet with laid back classics. Quality denim jeans, perfectly-fitting plain T-shirts and trusty Converse sneakers flash me back to cool, confident looks of James Dean and Jane Birkin and tends to be my uniform for a typical day of going to classes. On any given day, you will probably find me peering from under a baseball cap, solving my unruly curly hair problem.

My classic style has given me a love for men’s fashion. In men’s fashion, there aren’t as many trends that fly through and leave in a quick blink. Instead, gradual evolutions move style forward. This approach allows one to focus more on investing in pieces that are sure to be fashionable for years and only gain character with each wear. In women’s fashion, crazy and fun trends come in and out as the years go by. While I love that as a girl I get to try on different characters and show different sides of myself, I have a special appreciation for the consistency of men’s fashion.

I’m looking forward to bringing you all along with me as I hunt campus for the Fashionistas/os who express themselves through their clothes and unique styling. Don’t forget to check back for my articles throughout this spring semester!