STYLE GURU BIO: Kinsey Richards

I knew from the second I started writing that journalistic fashion was where I wanted to go. I subtly hinted to my editor that I wanted the fashion assignment when I first started. Now, as a junior, I have had experience writing about all things fashion in Provo, Utah, and will be gaining more experience as a Style Guru.

I am a junior at Brigham Young University, which is located in Provo, UT. I am studying communications with an emphasis in journalism. I am also working on a minor in editing. My favorite part of the writing process is looking online one day and seeing your name in small bold letters claiming the written words presented on the page.

I grew up dancing, which was what sparked my love for all things pink and sparkly. Though I have now ventured into a broader color scheme, my wardrobe still has sweet accents of girly pink. I’ve worn so many costumes I couldn’t even imagine packing a bad one without some kind of spandex fabric tucked away inside. You can take a dancer out of the dance studio, but you cannot take a dancer away from the dance wear.

I aspire to be a either a head writer or editor for an online news platform. Writing about what I love is exactly the thing that I love. Writing about life, especially fashion, has me ready to dive into the online world of fashion.

I hope to be at least someone who can be considered a dream follower. I hope that with every dream achieved comes a new and brighter one to carry through. Alongside my husband, I hope to be nothing but enchanted by the world of fashion.