Hey Fashionista/os! The name’s Kelsey, what’s yours? I’m a senior at Wells College, studying film and media, and when it comes to fashion, you could say I’m more than a little obsessed. I’m so excited for this upcoming spring semester with CollegeFashionista! I can’t wait to show you all the trailblazing trendsetters here at Wells. We may be small, but when it comes to style we’re always on point.

As for me, my personal fashion philosophy is that the most important thing, above all else, is feeling beautiful in your own skin. Everyone’s style is a little bit different. From chic to vintage, edgy to classic, it’s a look that’s special to them, and only them. So don’t get down if you feel like your look isn’t ‘in’ right now. Fashion is art, and you’re the artist, so paint yourself the way you want to be painted, not the way someone else wants to see you.

When it comes to my own personal style, I like to think I’m a girl that can pull off a whole spectrum of looks… but, I won’t lie, I tend to be a pretty bohemian chick. I’m inspired by clean, classic, romantic silhouettes, ’60s folk culture and equestrian style, with just a pinch of fantasy. I love all styles of fashion though, and one of my favorite hobbies is seeing what people come up with and finding ways to incorporate their looks into my own personal style.

This particular look was brought to life by a vintage inspired Lucky Brand poncho I found half off at a department store. It was an absolute steal if I’ve ever seen one! I wanted the poncho to stand out, make a real statement, so I paired it off with a simple long sleeved shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and leather riding boots. A touch of subtle eye make up, a neutral lip, some Elven-inspired braids and I was ready for an enchanting trek into the woods.

I hope you guys fall head over heels in love with Well’s scene as much as I have. Loving yourself and owning it is the Well’s way, and I think there’s nothing more fashionable than loving yourself!

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