STYLE GURU BIO: Kelly Grace Oliveros

Hey, guys! My name is Kelly Grace, currently pursuing a certificate program at the Fashion Institute of Technology on Fashion Styling.

When I first heard about CollegeFashionista, I told myself that there is no way they would accept my internship application because creative writing or what they sometimes call “blogging” is not really my forte. I am much more confident writing papers about national security, international politics, conflict development, so on and so forth.

My friend introduced me to CollegeFashionista and told me tons of cool stuff about the internship program that they have for people who love fashion. So I considered it. There was this one time, I was walking around SoHo and I saw a group of teenage girls (who were so stylish) rocking their coats, ponchos and over-the-knee boots and I immediately asked myself “You love fashion right? It has always been a dream of yours to style someone and it has always been one of your greatest interests besides dreaming of becoming a diplomat so why not apply? Why not consider applying and learn something new?” The following day, I went to the website and I sent my application. After a week or so, I got an email from CollegeFashionista saying that I got accepted and will be soon part of the Style Guru team. I WAS LITERALLY JUMPING AND SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS! Never in my entire life, I have thought that I will be able to publish my own articles on such prestigious fashion website. It was definitely one of the best days of my life.

This part might be a little bit boring but let me tell you something about myself. Designer Lauren Hutton once said, “Fashion is what you’ve offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” I live by that motto. Fashion is fun, but the styling is terribly difficult. Your style either defines who you are, who you wanted to be and what kind of image are you portraying. It is very tricky, but that is where your creativity enters. Clothes have never been more accessible, there are hundred, thousands and millions of clothes you can choose to define your style and portrays who you really are. It is all about creating your own image. As for myself, I would describe my personal style as bohemian-chic, minimalist, bold and modern. Today’s outfit consists one of my favorite clothing brands (they have the best clothes you could ever imagine) – A NASTY GAL Lace Romper, it is an all white lace romper that has a tie closure at front and lace detailing. Ankled Strap Stiletto Heels are from Sully’s. Accessories are from Topshop (Black Clutch Bag) and H&M (Rings) respectively.

New York just entered the winter season and my outfit for the following days would consists of trenches, coats, ponchos, boots and sweaters. I would complete the look by wearing my favorite Garett Leight Wilson M Glasses and my favorite Yves Saint Laurent Universite Bag.

And that is a wrap! I am very honored and excited to be working with Style Guru team because I am 100 percent sure that this experience will enable me to share my style as well as learn from my colleagues.