STYLE GURU BIO: Keller Martin

January 23rd, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Keller Martin

I love experimenting with clothes, makeup, and hairstyles almost as much as I love spaghetti and taking naps (which is a lot). There’s this quote I found on Pinterest once, and it honestly changed my life: “Dress like you’re already famous.” I love it and I most definitely live by it. I never leave without a fierce pair of shoes and my favorite lipstick shade of the week carefully swiped across my lips.

Right now I’m attending Kent State University and majoring in fashion design. The only paparazzi I encounter are the squirrels running around everywhere (literally all over the place) but they’re still a good audience for me to practice my runway walk. Kent State University is also a great place to find style inspiration because the majority of the campus is a part of the fashion school. There’s just something about being inspired by other Fashionistas that makes trekking across campus in heels so much easier.

I love to take inspiration from all kinds of fashion eras, but right now my favorite is the ’90s. High-waisted mom jeans and crop tops are such a fun outfit to experiment with, and I love seeing the different ways I can wear the outfit. I am also very into thrift shopping and upcycling clothing. I love adding creative new embellishments to old clothes, then you have a piece to wear that’s completely original and something only you own.

I think it’s really important in fashion to experiment and take risks, because you never know when something that seems like it might be really weird could be the next big trend. So go out there, take risks, and be yourself! That’s what I’ve always done and it’s worked pretty well for me so far.