STYLE GURU BIO: Katarina Dicker

Hi there everyone! My name is Katarina Dicker. I am a college student, waitress, makeup enthusiast, and Kylie Jenner’s biggest fan. I absolutely love writing, taking photos, making people feel beautiful, and fashion, so I absolutely knew that becoming a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista was the right internship for me.

My style changes from day to day, but overall, I like to go the comfy yet cute route. Although it may look like my outfit took a lot of effort, it was very easy to throw together. I always like to wear either high-waisted black jeans or high-waisted leggings with my outfits to start it off; if I am going to an event, then I would wear a dress or a romper. For this photo shoot, I chose to wear high-waisted black jeans to make the outfit appear more dressy.

I find that high-waisted pants are much more comfortable than low-rise pants. Even though I am wearing jeans, it is still incredibly comfortable and looks great. I chose a light grey oversized knit sweater and a plaid blanket scarf to accessorize my outfit. I love making my look simple with just the right amount of accessories. It is so important to keep this in mind while planning an outfit. I also have a plain gold thumb ring on to add a little jewelry to my ensemble.

Lastly, I finish off my look with my latest obsession: suede thigh-high boots. Yes, these are high heels, and yes, I am all about comfort. These shoes may look like they are uncomfortable and hard to walk in, but they are more comfortable than some of the flat shoes that I own. I highly encourage you to go and get yourself a pair if you don’t have a pair already. They go with everything.

I cannot wait for this semester of writing, photography, and bringing new style tips to the table!