Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Julia and I could not be more thrilled to write my first article for CollegeFashionista. I am currently beginning my sophomore year at Miami University, am majoring in Public Relations and Professional Writing and I live in Akron, Ohio.

Even from a young age, fashion and dressing well have always been two priorities in my life. My mother, who is my greatest role model, always went out of her way to dress me as stylish as she possibly could. She implemented fashion’s biggest trends and rules in my life from the moment I was born, and it is her who I can thank for such a passion for style. Growing up in a small town made expressing my style difficult, as people in Akron do not place fashion as a priority. After my first year at Miami, I felt I finally had a chance to express myself with my choice of clothes. It is on campus where my comfort zone expanded and I learned how to take street style straight to eveningwear during busy days. One prominent stereotype at my school is that everyone dresses preppy. While I can agree that many students do dress that way, the majority of students (including myself) dress in whatever style best fits their personality and makes them feel good.

Though I think the best inspiration is gathered from what I see daily, Pinterest and Instagram are two platforms that have helped me broaden my “fashion horizons” immensely in the past couple years. While it’s not the best for the broke college student’s wallet, Pinterest makes putting wish lists together that much easier by “pinning” your favorite looks. Instagram provides a daily dose of celebrities, designers and bloggers displaying covetable outfits of the day. Some of my favorites that I follow right now are Urban Outfitters, Julie Sariñana from Sincerely Jules, Kendall Jenner and blogger Emily Schuman the founder of Cupcakes and Cashmere.

My color scheme for an outfit usually sticks to neutral colors such as navy, black, gray and white. Through a muted palette for my clothes, I can opt for more playful accessories or statement shoes. In this bio post, I chose to represent this style—a structured white T-shirt with geometric stitching, a pair of black skinny jeans and tan leather sandals. I chose to accent these pieces with a bright pink crystal bracelet and some layered rings.

With summer coming to a close, I am definitely sad to see fun patterns and sundresses slowly get packed away. But with fall around the corner, I cannot wait for comfy clothes to be back, especially Madewell and its fall line, which offers knit sweaters and cozy socks suitable for all.

In my monthly posts, I hope to gain a better perspective of other styles on my campus as well as throughout the rest of the nation with CollegeFashionista! I am looking forward to being inspired by others and hopefully inspiring other Fashionistas/os, too!