Welcome back, Fashionistas and Fashionistos, to what I am positive will be another fantastic semester with CollegeFashionista! My name is Julia DePalma and I am a sophomore Fashion Design major at Kent State University. I am also minoring in Visual Journalism and Marketing because I don’t enjoy sleeping (small joke!) and spend my time trolling through BuzzFeed and Instagram whenever I am not in the studio. I live to travel (and shop along the way) and enjoy kayaking, swimming and tripping up stairs.

Fashion is my first love. As a young girl I set my heart on a career in the industry and have always persisted to chase that dream. These goals led me away from my home in Rhode Island to Kent State. I will forever be thankful for the opportunities and support that I have found thus far. My inspirations and aspirations lie in the hope that I will one day influence the styles that fill this beautifully diverse world and allow women to share their emotions, personalities and passions each time they swing open the closet doors.

As for my own style, you may wonder? I would say that overall I am very preppy, a bit bohemian and take enormous amounts of influence from my travels. I love picking up pieces wherever I go and incorporating them into my wardrobe. I am a die hard for mismatched prints, ear cuffs and ballet flats.

I’m so excited for this semester to finally begin. I expect many more amazing memories on this beautiful campus and of course, more wonderful street style (The fashion students do not disappoint)! As fall finally begins to take over, I can’t wait for lovely layers, some deep and gorgeous jewel tones and bold makeup looks that go from zero to 60 in the flick of an eyeliner.

Ohio has surprised me and I firmly believe that if you keep reading (my posts will be up monthly!), you’ll find that the creativity and beauty here may just inspire and surprise you all as well. See you soon, lovelies!