Hey Fashionistas/os!

My name is Judy Liu and yes, I am back with CollegeFashionista for another semester! Through CollegeFashionista, it has helped me discover my style and who I would want to become through each podcast. Being a Style Guru isn’t simply a fashion blogger, but it’s being a fun, stylish, and inspiring blogger. There are so many people you will meet along the way who might look at you as their daily outfit inspiration, and that is something magical about being a Style Guru! I cannot wait for another fun and stylish semester!

Transition days into a new season are always a struggle. It’s those awkward weeks when you don’t know if it’s appropriate to pull out your fall clothes yet. This outfit is great for days like this. I’m wearing a white chiffon tie-knot top from Urban Outfitters, which is a spring/summer top that’s great for pre-fall as well. With that, I paired my snake-print booties from Zara. This item is a fall vibe item, but I paired it with a pair of light washed denim to give my outfit more of a summer touch. For accessories, I chose a pair of fun, lightweight shades to show it’s still in those summer days and a fringe bucket bag with a bandana tied on the side for a cute detail. If you are struggling what to wear for these transition days, wear your summer clothes and add in a couple fall items for a nice balance of a pre-fall look!

For those who don’t know me, I am a sophomore at Indiana University. I love sushi, ice cream, pasta, waffles, guacamole and pretty much everything and anything that’s edible! You can spot me sitting outside at a quaint, quiet coffee shop a lot of the times even though I don’t even like coffee. If I have to describe my style, I would say I am a classy minimalist. I’m that girl who dresses in neutral colors and someone who is always overdressed. As cliché as this might sound, I love traveling. I’ve been to more than ten countries, and my favorite would be Italy. I also love trying different kinds of food and am absolutely in love with foods! Did I mention that already? With all these being said, I am passionate about the fashion industry, and I am looking forward to capture some fun and unique style this year so stay tuned!