STYLE GURU BIO: Jovian Osborne

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! My name is Jovian, Jovi or “Gold” is preferred. I am a second semester returning Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! I am a junior at the eminent institute Penn State University, majoring in Communications specifically Advertising and Public Relations. My school is located in the backwoods of Pennsylvania; therefore, there aren’t a lot of “city” kids who attend, causing fashion to be summed up with your average pair of navy blue sweats and white hoodies (school colors). For a girl who doesn’t even own sweatpants, this was a fashion disappointment.

I am a “city girl” having lived in northern New Jersey my entire life—but my heart, personality and wardrobe screams New York City. If I could describe my style in two words it’d be “edgy-chic”. I’m always on trend because I like to set my own trends. Black, white and grey are my wardrobe color essentials during the Fall and Winter. In contrary, to Spring and Summer where nude, olive and minimal tones are added. Skirts paired with tights, distressed jeans and oversized graphic T-shirts are my favorite articles of clothing. Therefore, when I saw how fashion differed upon campus I knew I had to adjust my standards on what being fashionable entails.

There’s more to fashion than a designer label. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. An outfit can be full of glam and edge but if you don’t have the confidence for the outfit, it’ll  just look like you’re trying to hard. Therefore, during my spring semester as a Style Guru, I will be showing and giving you all advice on how to create the perfect outfit for yourself. All the while showing you some poise, and glamorous pieces on my own campus.

In the photos above I am wearing clothes from my two favorite online stores, ASOS and NASTY GAL. It hasn’t snowed yet but the temperature drop sure feels like it. Therefore, I have on a cozy turtleneck, black coat with hazelnut fur, white distressed jeans and Ted Baker black boots with gold accents.