STYLE GURU BIO: Jessica Kovac

Hi CollegeFashionista fam! My name is Jessica, and I am a junior at Pace University majoring in Communications with a minor in Political Science. Ask me to describe my style a year ago and the closest answer would be the shocked alien face emoji. Identifying a personal style is a challenge and a very difficult one at that. Yet give or take a few returns a solidified relationship with the fitting room and many ambitious shopping treks to SoHo, and soon enough your wardrobe will begin to make sense.

I would describe my style as a basics loyalist with a little boho inspiration here and there. I love a good wardrobe staple and cannot resist a trendy accessory. The saying, “do not overdo”, is a mantra of mine. I own too many statement pieces for my own good; my jewelry box is practically overflowing. Yet, any basic in my closet is easily transformed with a necklace, ring or trusty pair of bangles.

I grew up bicoastal. Living in two fashion capitals was an amazing gift. The confident New York street style and effortless chic California uniform has impacted my style as I have grown up. I continue to mix and match the two; they embody my quirky personality through dress.

For the past year and a half, I have documented New York City street style for CollegeFashionista. Us Manhattanites are known for unique self-expression through the power of our wardrobes. In my articles, I will show how outfits can be utilized to promote confidence and self worth. The ongoing stereotype associated with the fashion industry is that clothes are just clothes. For the next semester, the men and women I feature will prove fashion can be so much more.

Be sure to catch my posts the first of the month!