STYLE GURU BIO: Jessica Cobuzzi

September 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello there! My name is Jessica Cobuzzi. I am thrilled to join the Fordham University CollegeFashionista team for the 2015 fall semester! Offline, I am a junior studying Communications & Media Studies, but online, I’m eagerly showcasing Fordham’s fashionable guys and gals strutting around our stunning campus.

Choosing a college is no easy task, but what makes it special is finding a school that reflects who you are inside and out. Fordham’s Rose Hill campus, located in New York, New York, offers styles from around the globe, making it the epitome of fashion variety.

As a personal contributor to Fordham fashion, I place myself in the “clean and classic” box. I proudly support neutral colors and small statements. I’m a firm believer that less is more and clothes are an accessory to celebrate YOU. To show you what I mean, I put together an outfit that says it all.

A neutral top and a denim bottom paired with mixed-metal accessories is a template I use often to put together a clean and classic outfit. As August withers away, it’s essential to wear your whites while your tan is still intact. The jean shorts I chose are a darker wash to help transition into the quickly approaching fall months. To spice up the outfit, I threw on some silver and bronze accessories to add some fun to the ensemble. With this easy to remember template, it’s simple to adopt a clean and classic look!

I look forward to exploring and showcasing trends that inspire my readers to grow as fashionistas. With endless fashionable students surrounding our gorgeous campus, I will bring you the best of the best! Come back on the 15th of each month to learn more about the unique styles saturating Fordham University!