STYLE GURU BIO: Jessa Chargois

Hello my lovely Fashionistas/os. My name is Jessa Chargois and I am lucky enough to be writing for CollegeFashionista a second time, first as a freshman at Cornell University, and now as a sophomore. Studying Fiber Science and Apparel Design I am blessed, learning both the business, scientific and creative sides of fashion.

Growing up in a little town called Saugerties, New York (where Jimmy Fallon grew up just to name drop) I was raised in a lower middle class economic family. With less funds being pushed into my wardrobe, I had to resort to thrifting in order to fuel my shopping addiction. I never understood as a kid why my peers wanted to go to the outlets and return home with one pair of jeans when I could visit the Goodwill and fill up three bags with gently used treasures. I still remember the joy of sixteen year old me finding the perfect prom dress for eight dollars. Hand beading the bodice with my mother, who attended Parson’s for Graphic Design, I waltzed into my first prom and danced circles around the other three hundred dollar dresses, receiving both compliments and even the title of prom queen. I loved the idea of recycling what others no longer had a use for. Now that I am older, I value the exact same principle, but view it in a slightly altered light. By reusing and repurposing clothing, we can reduce pollution, a cause that lies near and dear to my heart.

Now that you now I’m a secret die-hard hippie (I blame it on the fact that I live fifteen minutes from Woodstock and my parents attended Woodstock ’94), you can confirm your thoughts that yes, I am in fact a vegetarian. Did you know that if you don’t eat meat for a year you save two hundred and two animals? I hope I just inspired you Fashionistas/os to reconsider the turkey sandwich you want to eat for lunch. I would rather spend an afternoon with a puppy than a frat boy any day. I love photography and the concept of freezing time permanently. I adore all sorts of music from country to rap. I have a paper crane tattoo on my wrist, a symbol near and dear to my heart. I am a fabulous cook and am the most competitive person you will meet. I was nearly kicked out of my sorority’s intramural volleyball game for getting too heated.

Now to fashion. My wardrobe consists of simple pieces, black and white striped tees, grungy flannels and girly A-line skirts. On my way to an interview, this striped mid calf tee shirt dress and vest was the perfect outfit that says mature yet practical. I often dress simplistic, accessorizing with bold details.

I don’t want to give away all my secrets and fashion advice just yet, so I will leave you with that. I am so excited to showcase Cornell’s fashion as well as slip in some of my own favorite looks.