January 6th, 2016 at 2:10am

They always say great things come in threes, and I’d have to agree with ’em: The Jonas Brothers, that one Britney Spears song, the number of bags of Doritos I can eat in one sitting…oh, and also the number of semesters I’ve been lucky enough to call myself a Style Guru. Yeah, yeah, I’m no Leandra Medine, but boy do I love spotting a good pair of overalls on the University of Georgia campus.

While my hair color might change every week (including a brief stint with red eyebrows), fortunately, my big dreams have stayed put. I’m continuing my studies at UGA, majoring in fashion merchandising and sociology, all the while battling the constant questioning from every adult ever asking, “So what do you wanna do with that?” *Insert eye roll here*. Newsflash: If there’s anything that bothers a fashion kid, it’s acting shocked when they wear sweats…and also asking what they plan to do with their lives.

So, to answer every extended relative/nosy classmate/sympathetic friend’s question, I want to do fashion things! I want to create things and see things and make people feel awesome about themselves! Speaking for every Fashionista/o out there (because clearly we’re all on the same brain wave, especially when The Rachel Zoe Project is on) we may not be in love with the most practical field, but WE’RE IN LOVE, OKAY? Have fun in your cubicle while we’re slaying the world with leather pants on. Note to you fashion kids: don’t let other people’s opinions derail your passion, man! Awesome things happen when you pour your heart and soul into what you love (and maybe accidentally pour coffee in the lap of your favorite Topshop jeans.)

Since I can’t spend all my hours trying to find an excuse to wear suede over-the-knee boots and conquering the world, I fill my spare time with every Hugh Grant movie ever made, looking at pictures of puppies on Instagram and probably cutting my hair in my bathroom with craft scissors. I would trade my first born child for the chance to work for Valentino, love pointy-toed shoes, wear my black Jeffrey Campbell boots more than my tennis shoes and am convinced I’m Rachel Zoe’s long-lost daughter (don’t ask questions).

But wait, I’m still “O-M-G-ing” at three semesters with the amazing CollegeFashionista fam (that you’re apart of!) I hope you’re mentally prepared for another five months of sassy commentary, sarcastic remarks and probably a lot of crushed velvet and chokers, because oh man, it’s coming.