My name is Jaya Petrie and I am currently going to the Community College of Rhode Island for General Studies with a focus on Graphic Design. I hope to graduate with an Associates Degree here and then transfer somewhere that I can ultimately pursue my passion for graphic design. However, I am totally in love with fashion and am currently a Fashion Merchandiser for a retail corporation. So I thought that this internship at CollegeFashionista would really blend my two passions together and of course be a super cool experience at the same time.

I’ve always had a passion for fashion ever since I can remember. My style has always been a way of expressing myself as well for many others, but to start a trend while doing that? Piece of cake! Wearing what you love for yourself is just about the best style you can have. Growing up with a fashionable older sister we would always share clothes yet still have our own twist on wearing them. I love the creativity you can have while wearing the same tee, jeans or shorts you have had for years but making it a whole new look with the details.

I wear a lot of black…but black goes with everything, right? Gold jewelry is always my go-to added with something leather. I would say that my style could be described as edgy but with a feminine touch.

For this look my inspiration is back to school fall fashion. It is a comfortable yet fashionable take on the classic and ever so chic ‘jeans and a tee’ look. My favorite black distressed jeans paired with a black and white striped tunic, along with my favorite booties that go with just about anything. Gold jewelry, of course, and a black leather backpack with just enough space for the important things.