January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

I was sitting on my computer looking for internships that would be relevant to my future career in business administration, and I stumbled across this internship to write and photograph fashion. I knew it didn’t quite fit the typical idea of a business internship, but it sparked my interest. I had always loved fashion and I was tired of trying to create this perfect resume with the perfect internships. I wanted to do something different that really showed a different side of my personality. I’m a strong proponent of the idea that your career/major shouldn’t be such a defining feature. There’s so much more to a person and I want to explore that side of myself.

My love for fashion began like most as a child exploring all my clothing. One day I decided that I wanted to wear my jean skirt over my jeans so that I could run around and not have to sit like a lady. I wore a plain skirt and the matching jean jacket of course. I thought it was the most brilliant thing I had ever thought of. I was ready to burst out the doors and show everyone my creation. To anyone I was just a mess of jean material, but to me, I was inventing something new.

Now, I’m more aware of the trends and styles and can try to invent something different without looking like a jean monster. Though many hobbies for me have come and gone, fashion has stayed a constant and will continue to.

To me fashion and clothing is so much more than putting together pieces. It’s assuming a certain identity and showing that to the world. It’s powerful. It can change the way people think about you as well as the way you think about yourself.