STYLE GURU BIO: Jared Guillaume

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld once claimed that, “You can be the chicest thing in a t-shirt and jeans—it’s up to you,” and to that I say, “Challenge accepted, Mr. Lagerfeld.”

I’m Jared, a sophomore Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles major at the University of Kentucky with hefty goals and an even heftier wardrobe.

Unlike some of you other #RAD Fashionistas/os, I did not grow up dreaming of the runway. I was a dirty little kid who, on multiple occasions, was convinced by his parents to bathe only if he could do it in a soap-filled trash can. Whether my too-large t-shirt clashed with the grass stains on my knee was none of my concern. In all seriousness, my interest in fashion was only sparked within the last five years, but continues to grow daily.

As for my personal style, throw away any labels (except the ones on the clothes, of course). Joking! However, I do avoid labelling my personal style due to the fact that I don’t always like playing by the rules of any particular look. I also believe that sometimes, in order to be fashionable, you must do something that is not. Consider this, if you are awarded the title of “on trend” or “in style,” doesn’t that mean you are doing what everyone else deems as so? And fashion, to me, is daring. It is bold, it is audacious and it is new. You cannot always be new if you are also always “in style.”

Referring to the above mentioned comment concerning clothing labels…keep ‘em! I am a firm believer, much like Mr. Lagerfeld, that you can be chic in whatever you choose to wear. Confidence is the hottest accessory and is something no label provides. One label that I love to ignore is the gender label. I am 100 percent behind the movement to take the gender out of fashion. If I feel good in something, I will wear it, regardless of what gender it is specified for. A dress? Sure, if it looks good. Heels? I’ll do my best.

With that being said, I still tend to remain true to myself behind my style. I use the word behind because Bill Cunningham once offered that, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life,” and I loved that. I never want my style to feel forced or tacky. Authenticity is important to me.

As for my outfit, another #RAD Fashionista, Sydney Ferrara, did a fun shoot with me over the summer in our hometown of Louisville, KY. This particular outfit is perfect for the upcoming fall semester. A turtleneck-cape pairing for an edgier spin on a classic look with bold patterned trousers. A fall fling never hurt anyone either (in this case it’s with my bangs)! Pair with round-framed sunglasses and a leather briefcase and you’re ready to make campus your runway.

Thanks for checking out my page! Until next time.