Hello Fashionista/os! My name is Jada Hines and I am a sophomore public relations major at Howard University from Queens, New York. Amongst many things, I am a shopaholic, fashion lover and makeup junkie. When you look good, you feel good. When I put on a great outfit and my makeup pops, I feel great. I want to help people feel the same way. I cannot wait to share my fashion tips and tricks with the world. This upcoming semester with CollegeFashionista brings elation and excitement when I think of all the positive things that are to come!

From a very young age, I’ve been deeply engrossed in fashion and how I appear in the world. Growing up in New York City put emphasis on my love for fashion, elevating fashion from a hobby, to a passion. Putting together outfit and accessory combinations has always  been an exciting part of my daily routine, but it wasn’t until college that my fashion senses began to truly evolve. Throughout my second semester of college I began to really find out who I am, and this was reflected in my fashion, initiating the evolution of my style.

I’m too unique to have one style of dressing, but instead I kind of just go with the flow. Since my fashion is a reflection of my being, my look of the day is based on however I feel when I wake up. Sometimes it is edgy, other times it’s chic. One day I’m dressing girly then the next a complete tomboy. I absolutely love the aesthetic of wearing all black and I’m drawn to wearing neutral colors. They say the devil is in the details so I pay close attention to detail because detail constructs the statement of the finished product. Small details such as a velvet choker versus a diamond necklace can completely change the essence of a look. This powerful effect is not only seen in change of accessories but in change of hairstyles, shoes and choice of makeup colors as well. It is sometimes the difference between a good outfit and a great outfit.

My passion for beauty and fashion derives from the fulfillment of self-expression I gain when dressing well and looking great. Through my clothes, hair and makeup, I am able to be my true self and feel completely confident in who I am. I believe that it is vitally important for everyone to feel this way, which is why writing and sharing my fashion experience is important to me. I am excited to push myself as a writer and Fashionista during this semester and can’t wait to learn more about myself and the fashion world through networking with my fellow Fashionista/os.