STYLE GURU BIO: Itzel Herrera

My name is Itzel Herrera (pronounced /it sell/ not /it sull/). I am a freshman at the University of Arizona, and I am currently majoring in retailing and consumer sciences.

I would describe my personal style as quirky, classy, and colorful. As you will see in my pictures, I am quite modest yet rebellious in the way I dress (if that even makes sense). I love sticking to classic pieces such as the rusty orange coat I am wearing paired with the black turtleneck, all the while combining them with new refreshing pieces like my sparkly eye flats. I am also an eyewear fanatic; if you share the same fascination with eyeglasses and sunglasses, let’s talk!

Being a part of this internship means the world to me. I know what you’re thinking. “Itzel, why you gotta be so cheesy?” Well let me start by saying that this is my first internship as a college student; therefore, it is that much more special to me. I also feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this team because after college I hope to become a product developer in NYC. It is my dream to work for a major fashion label, and once I get experience, I would like to create my own. You see, I have been sewing since I began my freshman year of high school. Not only was it sewing for pleasure, but I attended state and national competitions for fashion design. It was incredible. Going home with a gold medal on the state and national level for my original work really opened up my eyes to a career in this field. I didn’t realize that I could even do this for a living until I began getting opportunities in the “fashion scene.” I am not at all trying to brag—in fact I am humbled that I was blessed enough to have these opportunities at such a young age—I am simply trying to give you a better understanding of where I come from and where I plan on going.

So with that being said, I just want to thank you for coming along this journey with me. I often wonder why I am even pursuing something in this industry when, at times, you risk a low salary and plenty of rejection. Creating a path for yourself in fashion is anything but easy, but when I see such a #RAD community like this, I remind myself that everything will be okay—that I’m not alone, that we are all in this together, and we have the power to change this industry in a positive way.