STYLE GURU BIO: Isabel Barreiro

Hello, lovely people of the internet! How’s everyone been doing? My name is Isabel. Although, I typically go by Izzy. I love fashion and have since I was probably 16 years old. Let’s just say I went through a couple of years not knowing the difference between hobo chic and just plain hobo. My style ranges from edgy to girly in a matter of five seconds. I am a junior at Miami Dade College studying mass communications. Yes, you heard right. I said Miami. I live where you vacation. Every day I express a different trend and a different style. My black combat boots and cozy sweaters are among my most treasured pieces in my closet, to the point of my mom banning me from buying sweaters. But that hasn’t stopped me, even though it’s 91 degrees, 354 days out of the year. I like to think that in a past life I lived in a city where it was cold, and that’s why I have an obsession with autumn and winter clothes. Well, I hope that’s the reason.

A little thing about me is that I’m a shy, outgoing person. I believe that’s called an oxymoron but don’t quote me. What I mean is even though I’m shy, I’m learning to do things that push me outside my element because I made a promise to never miss an opportunity when it comes my way. I typically spend most of my time following K-pop bands on social media, watching foreign shows and films and cooking in the kitchen or singing. (There’s a lot of singing). Cooking is one of the few things that relaxes me. I love to try new recipes from different countries. If I’m not cooking, then I’m usually with my friends drinking way too much coffee and humming contently to myself. I love to sing and listen to music. The freedom of expression music gives me makes my gypsy heart swoon, and the same goes for fashion, too.

I dream of one day living somewhere overseas, handling social media for record labels, (GOT7 would be my dream band to work with or Jon Bellion since I think Beyonce would be out of my league) while freelancing for magazines and sipping an iced latte. Really classy if you catch my drift. I want to do what I love. Even though the path I chose is full of expectations and hardships, I want to live a happy life and give back to those who are helping me accomplish my dreams. But all in all, I am a girl who lives in dark clothes with rips and studs, who can’t go a day without tying a shirt around her waist or drinking coffee. I solemnly swear, I’m a hipster coffee addict who’s up to no good!

Until next time, lovelies!