STYLE GURU BIO: Holden Powell

Just like Drake, I’m hitting this Style Guru internship “Back to Back.” Another semester in and I’m more than excited to share with everyone not just my improvements in photography, but my growing eye for eclectic aesthetics.

What’s up, everyone? My name’s Holden Powell. I’m currently a seventh semester undergrad at the University of Connecticut and double majoring in Journalism and Communications. When I’m not being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, you can catch me writing for online publications such as ILS Magazine and The Tab. Outside of fashion, I’m currently vice president of UConn’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, and in charge of public relations for UConn’s Black Student Association. Let’s just say I’ve got my work cut out for me this semester.

In terms of style, lately I’ve become a huge fan and advocate for normcore. From the simple execution up to its financial savings, normcore has got me embracing the Seinfield-inspired scene with my “cookout dad” footwear. Still an avid lover of ’90s subculture, my double denim can attest to that. Although, I will say that my influences aren’t limited to just one decade. When it comes to color palettes, fabrics and patterns, the ’60s are a definite recommendation if you need a subtle burst of tones for your wardrobe.

All in all, I’m super stoked for this semester as one of UConn’s Style Gurus. I can’t wait to show you all along with the rest of my team what the Huskies have to offer for fall fashion. Keep calm and stay RAD.