STYLE GURU BIO: Hayden Flanders

Hello! My name is Hayden Flanders. I am a student at Kent State University studying Fashion Merchandising. I have always had such a large passion for the fashion industry. From photographing on the street to styling models and everything involving the amazing industry of fashion, I love being able to take every opportunity presented so that I can gain as much experience and knowledge as possible. I find fashion to be such an important aspect of not only my life, but others surrounding me as well. I discover new qualities, ideas and innovations towards my personal career and future in the fashion industry and plan to continue towards my success in the field.

Describing my style would be almost impossible. I do not prefer to limit myself to a certain style because I feel that it limits me. I look at people as a blank canvas and dressing oneself is the best way to show self expression. Some days I may feel like dressing in all black for a more chic look, and other times I feel like wearing a fun pattern. So I do not see a reason to put a label on a blank canvas that could be dressed in endless styles.

I am from Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up in an urban area and having the opportunity to travel to so many different cities and countries has fed my creative lifestyle and given me so much inspiration towards my passion for fashion. I find myself in New York City every chance I get as it is where I find the most creative influence.

This is my first semester with CollegeFashionista and I am so excited to share all of my fashion and street style advice with everyone!