STYLE GURU BIO: Hattie Clark

STYLE GURU BIO: Hattie Clark

Hello there fashion enthusiasts and welcome to my page. My name is Hattie Clark, and I am coming to you from the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. This is my first year as an MBA student at Xavier University. I am a huge nerd who is obsessed with furthering my education. Not only that, but because I am in graduate school, I now get to pursue being a Style Guru for the first time.

I love Cincinnati and I love my state of Kentucky. Maybe because mine is the best, but I will never understand the people who don’t believe in having state pride. Other things I love include: cats, beautiful landscapes, dancing, singing, theatre, photography and traveling.

My sense of fashion derives from the need to constantly look professional. I gather a lot of fashion tips from J.Crew and Gap. I browse Target’s clothing at least four times a week. I graduated from Lilly Pulitzer to Kate Spade the minute I no longer was considered an undergraduate student. A good description of my primary fashion sense is classic and retro. You can also find me dabbing in darker territory. Black is classic and flannel is one of the best gifts to human kind. I’m totally fine with the ’90s comeback trend. With that being said, you can find me perusing Urban Outfitters. Admittedly, I can’t always afford a lot of my favorite brands. Therefore, thrifts shops are where I find a lot of my clothes.

Another important element to my style is makeup. I just recently discovered how much I love it. This is coming from a girl who only wore makeup once a year until she was 18 and even afterward it was sparse.  But now it is probably where all my money goes. My grandmother always says, “you never leave the house without color on your lips.” Because of that, my lipstick collection is huge. I have a shade for every mood. I have also been told I’m known for rocking weird shades.

The outfit pictured is one of my favorites. It’s a male Ralph Lauren button up, with multiple items from Target; such as the jeans and lace up flats. The Ralph Lauren shirt reminds of Doris Day, I can wear it with leggings or jeans and I feel like I stepped right out of a 1950s film. Plus, it’s the most comfortable shirt I own. My favorite shirt also happens to be a thrift shop find! And these classic lace up flats just so happen to be my favorite. Right now they are my only pair in the style, but I want multiple colors to complete my wardrobe.

I can’t wait to continue this path as a Style Guru and I hope you appreciate it as well.