STYLE GURU BIO: Haley Slocum

Hello there! The name is Haley. I have been the black sheep among my peers when it comes to fashion for the better portion of my life, but I have always thrived off the unordinary quirks that come with bold fashion. I started boycotting Kid’s Gap around age five and insisted on Oilily’s statement pieces. Fabrics, colors, trims, and rare findings have kept me in a happy place for the past 21 years, so it only makes sense that I am pursuing a degree in Fashion at Florida State University. I am a busy bee. I run cross country for my school, I work at the campus gym, I am involved with a magazine, and in my free time (jokes) I make clothes, or add pieces of old handkerchiefs to shorts, sew patches from a pair of my moms 80’s jeans to a jacket, cut up some second hand denim to revamp it, cut holes in an old shirt, anything to spice up the wardrobe on a rainy day, amiright?

I am currently in a relationship with slacks. When I say relationship I am being subtle, because its more like OBSESSED. I love wearing trousers constructed of a nice oriental fabric with patterned socks and beat up loafers. When money permits, I plan on upgrading to Gucci Pennies with that lovely gold emblem, but that may not be on the horizon anytime soon. My style does change rapidly, but I find a way to incorporate the vintage classics in my ensembles

I am not very much a trend follower, but If I do decide to follow a trend I will always have my own spin on it, and I’m committed. I’m going full throttle with it. Remember the velvet trend? I bought just about every velvet article of clothing in my local consignment stores to feed my obsession. You would catch me in velvet for New Years, for my sisters wedding, even on a summer day in Florida around 90 degrees. Yes, I was uncomfortably sweating, and no, I would have never admitted defeat of being hot.

So there you have it. Me in a nutshell! As you can see clothing is my life, my passion and my one true love.